Duck hunting

Duck hunting in Tennessee

Tennessee duck hunting fluctuates from improbable to nearly not real, it depends on which part of the land you are situated. Kentucky and Reelfoot lakes are in the list of preferable places for duck hunting in Tennessee. These two basins are among the best waterfowling in any point of the whole country.

The fabulous Reelfoot Lake has been created at the beginning of the 19th century when the earthquake has struck the territory. Bald cypress trees and mallards make this lake famous.

This reservoir is in the center of a migration corridor, near the Mississippi River. Hunters have a good chance to get a lasting blind at that place in August drawing are nearly promised to have a lucky season of waterfowl. Despite the license for hunting and duck stamps, it is necessary to possess a Reelfoot WMA (wildlife management areas) permit. Similar to the blinds on Kentucky Lake, Reelfoot’s constant blinds are on the open reservoir and the ditches are symbols of a real duck-hunting tradition. Spacious, well-disguised blind is in the form of below ground plastic boxes. Width of a blind on the ground level is equal to the width of the shoulders of big man. The back wall is vertical, and there is a comfortable shelf for hunters along it. The front wall goes down at an angle with the extension so that the leg sits on the bench man feel comfortable. Blinds are fixed in a floating state and driven into the bottom, and carefully camouflages by the swamp growing plants. The guide provides Guide places the hunters with stuffed ducks and geese, as a rule they are of the highest quality. And most importantly, he leads the hunt. Namely, he is looking out for birds, and decides what time to start shooting. The instructions of the guide are carried out without question, as a pledge of safety and hunting success, especially for collective hunts, when the blind has, for example, eight people.

Actually, duck-hunting tradition is characterized by the Reelfoot experience itself. When the person entering the city, the restaurants, hotels and lodges design an unrepeatable atmosphere. The area just seems like a dream place for duck hunting.

Ronni Kepps, a duck hunter with the experience, knows well this tradition. He has spent the most part of the life for creation a reputation on how to catch ducks of Reelfoot in any situation. He tells that January is the time when ducks became patterned and hang together. They are aware of the feeding places. The last several weeks of a season is an appropriate period to use big spreads and a lot of movement in decoys to receive the most careful attention of ducks. Besides, as well as in a case with the lake Kentucky, various waterfowls near Reelfoot help to keep ducks in this area during the whole term and make the vacation spot for them.

Tennessee offers various hunting styles, with open-water gunning on the lake to flooded timber shoots. The hunting season usually starts at the end of the autumn and lasts till February. Some WMAs are closed early in the morning, and others allow hunting only in certain days of the week. Some of them offer blind drawings. The liberal season for hunters in Tennessee is sixty days with the permission of six birds. The long duration of time hunters spend time exactly at the mentioned above lakes. Besides that these lakes attract many ducks, the reason hunters love Reelfoot and Kentucky is a diversity of habitats and a possibility for hunting waterfowl. These Tennessee reservoirs have enclosed the word “classical” in hunting for ducks.

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