Duck hunting

Duck hunting in Louisiana

Hunting is one of the most famous activities in the USA. The real paradise for hunters is Louisiana, where hunting of ducks and geese will bring maximum pleasure.

Every year lots of tourists come here to satisfy their desire to hunt. This location allows quenching a thirst of excitement and adrenaline due to the fact that a large area of Louisiana is occupied by swamps, which are the heavenly abode for ducks and geese. Annually birds flock there for wintering, which also contributes to excellent hunting. And all it happens thanks to the best conditions for birds: vast areas of water space and harvested rice fields as an excellent natural bird feeders.

Waterfowl hunting, primarily ducks and geese, the Americans take very seriously. In truth there are duck hunters clubs, which publish special editions dedicated to this hunt, and there are associations of painters of animals, which draw paintings solely in duck themes. They hold contests for the best image of ducks in their natural environment. Similar competitions are organized in choosing the best national stamp with a duck theme. Diverse companies offer all necessary enumeration of products for good duck hunting. Here one can find everything he needs: boats, guns, special clothing, and effigies. It is important to remember the need for a license for such form of activity. For processing hunting permits and licenses one needs his personal documents. Hunting permit stamp for each hunter is also issued. Such stamps have a century-long history. Every year the hunting community selects a new symbol, a bird that will be published on the stamp.

The hunters are very demanding in the selection of equipment and weapons. The success of the hunt directly depends on their quality. Hunter is willing to pay for a few dollars more, but to get comfortable, beautiful and necessary thing. He believes that high-quality hunting equipment raises the efficiency of hunting, its aesthetic side, improves and creates a good mood. What concerns given smoothbore weapons, they are usually Beretta, Benelli and Brouning. Actually, there is no spring duck hunting. But there is a long autumn season. First, in September the season opens for 16 days for hunting of two main types of teals, green-winged and blue-winged. Then after a short break, the season of duck and geese hunting is opening on the first Saturday of November. It lasts for two months with a two-week break. Daily limit per person is six killed ducks, fifteen snow geese. Theoretically, during a day a hunter has an opportunity to shoot 23 birds. It is strictly allowed to hunt only in the daytime. Morning shoot can begin 30 minutes before sunrise, in the evening continues till sunset. This rule, without exception, is performed by all implicitly. The time of sunrise in day of hunting is well-known to any hunter, respectively, the time the shooting started, too. Duck hunter needs to apply masking. A wear should have an appropriate camouflage coloring, in the tone of the environment. In order to hide the clothes contrasting with the color of the face and hands, it is good to cover them with specifically produced for this purpose, tinted cream. Duck hunting is strongly recommended having a dog.

A unique opportunity is available to fans of hunting birds, this goose-duck Paradise is known for its feathered game far beyond the USA — Louisiana. The kindness and hospitality from professional hunters will turn a journey into an unforgettable adventure, about which everyone wants to share with friends and family.

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