Duck hunting

Duck hunting in Arkansas

Waterfowl hunting in Arkansas is a preferred point for hunters worldwide, and the unrefined area offers visitors many public territories for duck hunting, numerous of which propose guided hunts. Arkansas is only one of its kinds due to the large amount of aqua and it, in its turn, is applied for irrigation, construct big rice fields — it is among the popular mansions of waterfowl.

Stuttgart, which is situated on the Mississippi Flyway, is particularly familiar to duck huntsmen. There, rice fields and the flooded timber let ducks enjoy the ideal space to have a rest as birds do the travel through the country annually. Many hunters come there for the good trophies and Stuttgart is famous for holding the Wings Over the Prairie Festival and the World Championship Duck Calling Contest. Arkansas possesses more than a hundred fields of environmental management on its territory. And in comparison with such states like Iowa, the main attention on the Arkansas public lands is paid to ducks, but not deer. The majority territories for hunting in Stuttgart are personal grounds as they belong to the Stuttgart Hunting Club, but those, who don’t join the club, get access to them through excursions with the guide (or to be friendly to colleagues of hunters).

To tell the truth, the finest hunting place is in east part of the land, near the Mississippi and White Rivers. Hopping around the state, here are some other good WMAs: Big Lake, Henry Gray Hurricane Lake and St. Francis Sunken Lands.

It is known, that to hunt one needs license. But to pay money to the state and obtain a license is not a sufficient condition in order to hunt. Then hunter needs place. The right for hunting is taken from the land owner and costs money. One of the blind costs to the hunter the amount of five thousand dollars for the season. Fanatical hunters or guides rent separate or hide entire sections of land with a few blinds.

Hunters “of the day” go to their friends, or purchase services of guides, which cost starts from $250 per day without meals and lodging. For that money one gets a mandatory “set of services”, which includes the following: meeting at the appointed place and support to the field on which the visitor is hunting and transportation to the blind on the ATV. There are specially designed (certainly unsinkable) boats. They are made exclusively for duck hunters. The shooter in this boat sits below the water level. The boat is designed in such a way that it does not fill even by a large wave. On big water where it is difficult to disguise, a boat like arrow is almost invisible.

Hunters have to know that hunting on public land comes to an end at noon. Though the most part of hunting is carried out by the boat, the majority of regions of waterfowl have good access. Of course, to really test Arkansas and to increase the chances of good hunting, booking of the guide is the clever idea, and there is no lack of them. They not only operate private lands to provide good food and rooting of areas to attract birds, they also know where to go. Hunting season usually starts at November and lasts till the end of the January. The duck hunting season of Arkansas usually lets on killing 6 ducks. The limit can involve four mallards, no more than two of whom might be hens. Such journey to hunt in Arkansas will allow even to the most experienced hunter to take home positive emotions, vivid memories and lots of trophies.

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