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Best Trails of Washington

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#1. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildlands Park
Lush vegetation drapes the ruins of the Eastside’s early coalmining site in the largest of King County parks. This huge area covers a variety of habitats, from wetlands to streams to meadows and fores...
From the guidebook "Nature Walks in & around Seattle"
Hiking Trails
Issaquah, WA - Hiking - 50 miles

#2. Big Creek Falls (Taylor River)
It seems impossible: Finding quiet solitude on a backcountry trail leading through ancient cathedral forests and past magnificent waterfalls less than a hour from Seattle. Yet the Taylor River Trail o...
From the guidebook "Best Hikes with Dogs in Western Washington"
Hiking Trails
North Bend, WA - Hiking - 10 miles

#3. Central Alpine Lakes Loop (Backpacking)
The 75-mile stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail between Snoqualmie Pass and Stevens Pass is a very popular backpack trip, and it deserves to be. The route is supremely scenic with countless viewpoints,...
From the guidebook "Backpacking Washington"
Hiking Trails
Cle Elum, WA - Hiking - 35 miles

#4. Carson Mineral Hot Springs Resort
A sleepy Victorian-era hotel and bathhouse that features a regimen of therapeutic hot mineral baths reminiscent of old European spas. If you’re looking for a luxurious spa treatment with elegantly fur...
From the guidebook "Touring Washington and Oregon Hot Springs"
Hiking Trails
Carson, WA - Hot Springs

#5. Mount Rainier - Wonderland Trail Loop (Backpacking)
The famous Wonderland Trail, which completely circles Mount Rainier, is not only the finest long hike in Washington; it is considered by many to be one of the best in the world. The route provides a g...
From the guidebook "Backpacking Washington"
Hiking Trails
Buckley, WA - Hiking - 93 miles

#6. John Wayne Pioneer Trail (West)
The John Wayne Pioneer Trail crosses most of Washington State. The developed portion lies within the Iron Horse State Park. It parallels I–90 from Cedar Falls, near North Bend, to Kittitas, then drops...
From the guidebook "Rails-To-Trails: Washington & Oregon"
Hiking Trails
North Bend, WA - Rail-Trails - 113 miles

#7. Annette Lake
A very popular and often crowded subalpine lakelet ringed by open forest, cliffs, and talus of Abiel Peak rising above. For lonesome walking try early summer or late fall in the middle of the week in ...
From the guidebook "100 Hikes in Washington's South Cascades & Olympics"
Hiking Trails
North Bend, WA - Hiking - 7.5 miles

#8. Black Diamond Coal Mine
Located on the edge of the historical town of Black Diamond, the Coal Mine trails weave and bob around the south end of Lake Sawyer, Frog Lake, and Ravensdale Creek. Mountain bikers will find a circui...
From the guidebook "Mountain Biking the Puget Sound Area"
Hiking Trails
Black Diamond, WA - Mountain Biking - 20 miles

#9. Olympic Hot Springs
Includes: Appleton Pass and Boulder Lake. A day hike or overnighter to popular soaking pools in Olympic National Park. Skinnydippable with (much) discretion. Without a doubt the hot spot of the Olympi...
From the guidebook "Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest"
Hiking Trails
Port Angeles, WA - Hot Springs - 5 miles

#10. Seattle Trail Ramble
The route offers more than 25 miles of delightful bicycling separated from motor-vehicle traffic. Along the way you'll see Seattle at its best and enjoy the beauty of the quiet countryside. It's a p...
From the guidebook "Best Bike Rides in the Pacific Northwest"
Hiking Trails
Seattle, WA - Road Biking - 24 miles

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If you like the outdoors, visit Natural Wonders of the World . This site lists 1000 natural world wonders on all seven continents.


North American wonders reach from from the lofty peaks of the Cascade Mountain range to the watery paradise of Florida's Everglades.

The South American natural forces can be witnessed in countless forms--you'll find them cascading over the Devil's Throat of the Iguazu Falls, flooding Llanos grasslands.

The Australian Great Barrier Reef stretches to Papua New Guinea, while New Zealand's Tongariro volcano towers above waves of rugged hills.

The African Congo Basin is a network of swamps and emerald forests as diverse as the four counterpoints it unifies. The European and Middle Eastern natural histories include building castles on its rocky peaks, painting frescoes in its caves, trading through its passes, and perishing at its mercy.

The European and Middle Eastern natural histories include building castles on its rocky peaks, painting frescoes in its caves, trading through its passes, and perishing at its mercy.

The dual Asian power of nature is demonstrated through the elements at play in Asia. Fire-spewing volcanoes raise new lands from their summits.Ocean-worlds house water-kingdoms. Finally earth-bound and sky-stretching mountains--figures of inspiration.

The Polar Regions are an icy wilderness where the frozen fingertips of polar icecaps feel their way across stretches of land and water, the Arctic and Antarctic form the polar regions of our globe.